Aedis Architects

Aedis Architects has served the education sector of Silicon Valley for more than 60 years.

Aedis Architects has served the education sector of Silicon Valley for more than 60 years.AS ONE OF THE TOP education architecture firms in Silicon Valley, it’s telling that Aedis Architects prides itself on the youthful energy the  rm employs on its staff. Considering the company’s leaders, including principal and Vice President John Diffenderfer, range in ages between the 40s and 50s, a learning atmosphere that fosters the betterment of children is priority No. 1.

“We have a mentoring and collaborative culture here because we’re good communicators,” Diffenderfer says. “This empowers the team at every level.”

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Altius Architecture Inc.

Instead of architects, clients and general contractors vying for priorities, Altius Architecture Inc. proposes a better way.

Instead of architects, clients and general contractors vying for priorities, Altius Architecture Inc. proposes a better way.FOR DECADES, custom homes often have come about with a hands-off architect – one who envisions how a home will be lived in and designs for each of those needs – boiling down detailed visions onto a sheet of paper to hand off to a separate entity, or entities, to actually build it.

The idea that a set of drawings is enough to procure the vision is, to Altius Architecture, ludicrous.

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RKTB Architects

RKTB Architects has developed a prototype infill template for efficient construction of housing throughout New York City.

RKTB Architects has developed a prototype infill template for efficient construction of housing throughout New York City.DESIGN OF AFFORDABLE housing developments in big cities throughout the United States often conjures images of plain structures with minimal functionality. However, when an architectural  rm like RKTB Architects of New York City gets involved, there’s no telling how functional and beautiful these developments will be.

Partner Carmi Bee has made a career out of delivering designs for affordable and supportive housing in New York City that enrich the communities that surround his structures and support the residents who live in them.

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Gilmore Group

New York City’s Gilmore Group leads the way in design of out-of-home integrated architecture and media experiences.

New York City’s Gilmore Group leads the way in design of out-of-home integrated architecture and media experiences.IN A BUSY WORLD, creating branding and media experiences that inspire, compel or improve existing environments calls for designers who think differently.

Of all the elements that can be considered – and Gilmore Group, based in New York City, considers the whole range – two are emerging as major influencers, company President Arthur Gilmore says.

“For place-based, out-of-home [media] success, there needs to be convergence of architecture, brand and technology where audio and video and data are becoming more important, integrated elements,” Gilmore says.

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HODGES Architecture

Dallas-based HODGES Architecture achieves the firm’s goal: to create inspiring, highly functional designs.

Dallas-based HODGES Architecture achieves the firm’s goal: to create inspiring, highly functional designs.THE PEOPLE AT HODGES Architecture approach forward-thinking design as a collaborative endeavor. Working with clients, the established Dallas firm has become a national name, with over 40 million square feet of built space in Texas and beyond.

Founded in Dallas in 1977 by Charles Hodges, HODGES Architecture is led by Hodges and partners Gerald Luecke, Gary DeVleer and Kerry Overall, along with an experienced team with diverse talents. The firm provides a full-service approach in a variety of sectors: retail, healthcare, assisted living, entertainment, mixed-use, office and multifamily. With projects often beginning with little more than an idea and a potential location, the firm also offers pre-development services and land planning expertise.

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