The Portico Group

The Portico Group has spent over 30 years perfecting experiential displays and exhibits.

The Portico Group has spent over 30 years perfecting experiential displays and exhibits.COUNTLESS DESIGNERS WHO work with institutions like parks, museums, gardens and zoos have a ready-made mold that creates cookie-cutter displays for a variety of applications. The Portico Group, however, operates as an integrated  rm that designs projects to respond specifically to distinct environments and their end users.

“The Portico Group is differentiated from other design firms because our projects are all centered around immersive, interactive and inclusive environments,” says Charles Mayes, principal and one of the founders of The Portico Group. “Our approach for each focuses on developing unique, tailored and crafted design solutions that emphasize attention to detail.”

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VMDO Architects

The principals of VMDO Architects value education above all things, focusing their passion and talents on schools.

The principals of VMDO Architects value education above all things, focusing their passion and talents on schools.COUNTLESS ARCHITECTURE FIRMS set out to improve the aesthetics of their surroundings, one building at a time. The founders of VMDO Architects, however, had a grander plan in mind – improving the way young minds are molded through education, one school at a time.

“We have a passion for using our design talent to make the world a better place,” says Robert W. Moje, a founding principal of VMDO, who leads the company’s public K-12 projects. “We’re making sure pre-K through college students have places where they can reach their full potential.”

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