Anderson Mason Dale Architects

Anderson Mason Dale Architects gives clients throughout the Rocky Mountains a structure that fits their needs and styles.

OFTENTIMES, architecture firms force their clients to work within the con nes of their specific, established style, even when it means forcing their demands into less-than-ideal design scenarios.

Anderson Mason Dale (AMD) Architects takes the opposite approach out of its studio in Denver. The company instead listens to each client’s specific needs and designs spaces that bring their vision to reality.

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MSR Design

MSR Design is making an impact on its clients and the overall state of the architecture industry in Minneapolis.

THE PRINCIPLES AND EMPLOYEES at MSR Design in Minneapolis are dedicated to building a foundation for the future – for MSR itself as well as the marketplace as a whole. According to principal Paul C.N. Mellblom, MSR Design aims to deliver structures that exceed customer demands, creating repeat clients for the business as well as improving the overall reputation of the building industry.

“Internally, we often talk about the goal to provide a great customer experience with our aspirations of creating buildings that surpass client expectations on many levels,” Mellblom says. “We are very fortunate to have very long, established relationships with many of our clients. We have a high rate of repeat and referred clients – even in the project types that normally do not engender people doing multiple buildings over their work life.”

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DAVIS brings its experience in office architecture and design to Marina Heights, the future hub for State Farm.

DAVIS brings its experience in office architecture and design to Marina Heights, the future hub for State Farm.IF YOU’RE STANDING in an office building in the Phoenix area, there’s a chance DAVIS had something to do with its design. That’s because, according to Mike Davis, his firm has designed nearly a third of the city’s 105 million square feet of planned office space, a testament to the vast expertise DAVIS brings to office structures.

Davis launched his firm on Nov. 1, 1991, after working for three companies throughout his career. Today, President Rory Carder leads DAVIS, a role she earned in 2011 after joining the firm in 2003. DAVIS employs 45 people out of its Phoenix headquarters.

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Lindsay Pope Brayfield Clifford & Associates

With a broad portfolio, Lindsay Pope Brayfield Clifford & Associates has an edge on the hospitality market.

With a broad portfolio, Lindsay Pope Brayfield Clifford & Associates has an edge on the hospitality market.BASED IN GREATER ATLANTA, Lindsay Pope Brayfield Clifford & Associates (LPBC) has distinguished itself as a major player in the hospitality market and other sectors.

Established as a small general practice community architecture firm in 1975, company leaders accepted an opportunity to take on a hospitality project that same year. The LPBC team since has designed more than 323 hotels and has added an array of engineering services and interior design.

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WDG has perfected the art of running a successful architecture firm over the course of nearly 80 years.

WITH NEARLY 80 YEARS of experience in its portfolio, WDG has the authority in the architecture industry to proclaim it has mastered its craft, dominating the market in two major U.S. cities.

“What sets us apart? We’re better at it,” says Rick Hammann, managing principal of WDG. “We have more experience and we’ve been through all the learning curves. That doesn’t mean we’re not still learning every day, but we have invested in our staff, in turn elevating our creative, and offering faster turn out. This is all better for the bottom line. We work with builders day and night, and we’ve got a great team.”

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