Hospitality Industry Continues Its Climb

Hospitality construction is growing across all hotel types, including extended stay and economy.

HOSPITALITY CONSTRUCTION IS GROWING ACROSS ALL HOTEL TYPES, INCLUDING EXTENDED STAY AND ECONOMY.U.S. economic growth, higher levels of disposable income and rising corporate profits have led to more business and leisure travel and, subsequently, an increase in hotel projects. We expect a steady upward trend in hotel construction in 2015 as the industry continues stabilizing after a tumultuous decade.

In 2008, hotel construction was at its peak with 1,341 hotel projects/154,258 rooms under way, according to Lodging Econometrics. At the end of that year, the global financial crisis hit – stock markets dropped worldwide, the housing market plummeted and unemployment spiked. From 2008 to 2012, the global recession severely impacted the hospitality market.

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Window Film: A Versatile Solution with Many Advantages


The MacMillan Dictionary defines versatile as, “having a wide range of different skills and abilities.” Regardless of the size or type of facility you manage, most homebuilders and homeowners are looking for versatile technologies that can do many things well.

Some of those versatile technologies include keeping residents comfortable, reducing energy costs, protecting furniture from fading, and increased safety and security. As many homeowners are discovering, window film can accomplish many of these benefits cost-effectively. Window film is a polyester film generally made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET), which is the same polymer used to manufacture water bottles, for example.

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Indoor Air Quality

The typical building occupant is much more aware of the effects of poor air quality today. Occupants today demand air quality solutions from building operators. According to Tony Abate, vice president of operations at AtmosAir Solutions in Fairfield, Conn., the Building Owners and Managers Association ranked poor air quality as the No. 2 reason a tenant would move out of a space. People are aware of bad air quality and its effects to their health and are demanding it is addressed by building designers, building owners and property managers, says Abate, who also is a certified indoor environmentalist as designated by the Indoor Air Quality Association and the American Air Quality Council. Abate took time to discuss the state of air quality with Modern Builder + Design magazine.

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