Chem Link Inc. makes the sealants and adhesives contractors need for environmentally friendly structures.

Chem Link Inc. makes the sealants and adhesives contractors need for environmentally friendly structures.As a manufacturer of adhesives, sealants, coatings and related products for the construction industry, Chem Link Inc. stays on the forefront of technology that its end-users on job sites throughout the United States need to succeed.

“We have had a contractor focus from the beginning,” says John E. Thomas, CEO of Chem Link. “We formulate for the field – packaging, ease of application, cure times and long-term field performance are all taken into account when we produce a product.”

Founded in 1990, Chem Link has focused on meeting the needs of contractors, consumers and industries throughout North America. The company is a fully integrated manufacturer and developer based in Schoolcraft, Michigan, where it designs, tests, manufactures and supports all its products.

Chem Link operates three distinct business units: Chem Link Products, Chem Link Services and Engineered Chem Link Inc. makes the sealants and adhesives contractors need for environmentally friendly structures.Systems. Through Chem Link Services, the company performs custom manufacturing.

The Engineered Systems business unit serves industrial markets through specialty adhesives and sealants.

Chem Link’s product line has applications throughout the building envelope, including roofing, concrete, waterproofing, windows, doors, siding, metal architecture, pools and spas. Chem Link products find applications in various industrial sectors.

Chem Link takes pride in its reputation as a leader in innovation for the construction products market.

Innovation is Key

The company was one of the first to commercialize polyether technology, which allows for the formulation and production of adhesives and sealants that do not rely on solvents.

“Our products are reactive,” Thomas says. “They don’t cure by evaporation of solvent, but rather react with the moisture that is naturally present in the atmosphere and in construction materials.

“Thus, they do not shrink, have no strong odor, are safe to use with respect to human health, the environment and fire hazard,” Thomas adds.

The environmentally friendly aspect of Chem Link’s products is particularly appealing in today’s construction market. Thomas says the industry is moving away from products containing solvents and other volatile organic components, so the company’s products are readily available to fill the void.

“More restrictive standards in many states prohibit the use of products that contain these chemicals,” Thomas states. “We’ve responded to this trend by expanding our polyether product lines since these are already safe to use in all 50 states.”

Staying true to its mission as an environmentally sensitive manufacturer is just one way Chem Link caters to its end-users.

The company stays in tune with its clients to determine their needs whenever possible.

“We continually look at ways to produce a superior performing product that will meet the needs of professional contractors,” Thomas says. “We pay attention to the feedback we get from the field.

“We also have a strong contractor support program, and our customer service staff supports contractor inquiries and requests every day,” Thomas adds.

That Family Feeling 

At Chem Link, employees encounter a family atmosphere as soon as they set foot in the facility on their first day of employment.

The company hosts a town hall meeting for its employees once a month to review how Chem Link is performing in terms of its corporate objectives.

Also, Chem Link regularly hosts brown-bag lunches where employees have the opportunity to sit with Thomas in a small-group setting to discuss specific issues and ideas.

Employees also are encouraged to take part in Chem Link’s internal training programs, and they also often participate in outside training and seminars to advance their knowledge and skills in specific areas.

“Every employee has the opportunity to make a comment or suggestion,” Thomas says. “There is a strong camaraderie among Chem Link employees.”

Chem Link’s family atmosphere extends to the community, as well. Thomas says because the company is based in Schoolcraft – a Michigan town with a population of about 1,500 – Chem Link often provides support to those in need in a variety of ways.

The company also works with Western Michigan University to use its skills and knowledge in advancing Chem Link’s capabilities.

A Green Future

Fortunately for Chem Link, Thomas doesn’t see the demand for environmentally friendly sealants and adhesives decreasing any time soon.

The company is in an optimal position to cater to contractors with safe products for years to come.

“We believe there will be continuing emphasis on products that are safe for the environment, contractors and building occupants,” Thomas says.

The growth opportunities extend well beyond healthy products, however.

Chem Link also is developing products that stand up to the demands of today’s construction industry, including tight schedules and harsh weather conditions.

“We also believe building designs and construction methods will continue to be streamlined – faster, stronger, safer construction that will better stand up to changing weather patterns,” Thomas says. “We are currently working on a next generation of products for specific markets, especially in the area of siding/windows/doors, waterproofing and concrete.

“We are studying new polymers and production capabilities to meet our vision of the future,” Thomas adds.