Custom Homes Ltd.

Steve Sierleja brings green building options to his clients when they call upon Custom Homes Ltd.

Steve Sierleja brings green building options to his clients when they call upon Custom Homes Ltd.STEVE SIERLEJA LAUNCHED his home- building career in Philadelphia in 1973 and immediately set himself apart from the competition.

He has spent his entire career using alternative building practices, techniques and materials.

Sierleja launched Custom Homes LTD in 2003 to jump to the forefront of green building, when many of his peers considered the trend nothing more than a fad.

“Just because we’ve done it a certain way for however many years doesn’t mean it’s the best way to do it,” Sierleja says. “With all of the issues we’re having with our planet, traditional homebuilding certainly contributes to a lot of the problem, from the waste that goes into landfills to the inefficiencies within the homes.”

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Roc Building Solutions

Roc Building Solutions is delivering high-quality custom homes throughout northeastern Wisconsin.

Roc Building Solutions is delivering high-quality custom homes throughout northeastern Wisconsin.ANDY SELNER HAS never been afraid to do what it takes to make his homebuilding business succeed. Whether it means taking on field labor alongside his subcontractors to bring a job to conclusion as a deadline approaches, or simply keeping partners abreast of the objectives of a particular job so expectations are understood, Selner handles it all as the founder of Roc Building Solutions in northeastern Wisconsin.

“It takes a team to build a house, and I want my teammates to take pride in their work and the product we are creating together as that makes a lasting impact,” Selner says. “I take the servant leader approach of trying to treat others the way I appreciate being treated and in a way that hopefully helps them do their jobs better in an efficient manner.”

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Abaco Construction

Todd and Ryan Cash offer complementary areas of expertise for Abaco Construction in the northern Bahamas.

that are often subbed out such as countertop fabrication or tile installation. Abaco has a multitalented foreman, David Darville, who, besides being the main guy on the ground, is also a highly skilled finish carpenter and mechanic/technician. This way, the company can deliver projects to the Cash brothers’ strict standards. “When the need arises, we have the skill set on staff and necessary tools and equipment to do most things in house,” Ryan says. Having this full-time staff with diverse skill sets on-hand has come in handy as Abaco Construction’s clients are demanding higher-end homes than in years past. Ryan says the company has encountered more demand for high end luxury homes built on waterfront properties. “Every aspect involved with building that caliber of home is exponentially more complex and demanding,” Ryan says. “There is a growing niche there that we are striving to fill, and ultimately, our goal is to be the most sought after operation for large, high end projects.” Projects like On the Rocks and a host of other high quality homes are proving grounds for the type of work Abaco Construction Ltd. can deliver as the company moves into this upper echelon of custom homes. Logistics and top-notch construction will remain the keys to success.A SUCCESSFUL COMPANY doesn’t have to be the biggest to be the best. Sometimes, it only takes a dynamic duo with the yin and yang that complements each other’s strengths and weaknesses to get the job done.

Todd and Ryan Cash have perfected their family-owned operation in just this manner while at the helm of Abaco Construction Ltd. located on Elbow Cay, Abaco, in the Northern Bahamas. The brothers each have their own specialties that would make them hot commodities for any other construction company, but instead they work together to deliver some of the highest quality custom homes on Elbow Cay.

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