Dewson Construction Co. constructs luxury custom homes and renovations for four New England states.

Dewson Construction Co. constructs luxury custom homes and renovations for four New England states.IN THE COMPETITIVE LUXURY HOMEBUILDING MARKET of Delaware, homebuilders often rely on many tiers of management, internal craft force and a bevy of subcontractors to deliver their product. Dewson Construction Co. takes the opposite approach with owner and President Tim Dewson and owner, Director of Operations and Vice President John McMahon out in the field every day.

“I don’t see our competition providing that level of service with respect to ours,” Dewson says. “We meet many of our clients in the evening as well as on Saturdays and Sundays. We’re extremely involved with clients, helping them understand the path forward, the decision-making process and the priorities to get them to understand value.”

Dewson Construction Co. was launched in 1993 as a general contracting/construction management firm based out of Wilmington, Delaware. The company specializes in high-end custom new homes, renovation and addition projects of all sizes, and commercial construction management services.

Dewson, who boasts over 40 years of experience in custom residential and commercial construction, founded the company with McMahon and Controller Micky Bender. Today, Dewson Construction Co. has 75 employees – most of which are in-house craftspeople, and the others serving as office support and field managers – to deliver projects in Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland.

“We carry a very large craft force that is probably larger than most companies like ours because it enables us to provide very high-end carpentry and custom construction,” Dewson says. “In our area, we’re best known for very high-end quality custom home construction and some commercial. We perform services for small, medium and large renovations and new homes. It’s something we’ve done all our lives.”

Over the last decade, Dewson Construction Co. has focused on the second-home market. The company has opened another office in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, which is about 90 minutes away from headquarters in Wilmington.

“A lot of our clients are at an age where they can afford to have a second or third home,” Dewson says. “It is quite special, investing money available back into the real estate market which, about five years ago, they Dewson Construction Co. constructs luxury custom homes and renovations for four New England states.weren’t able to do.”

As far as operations go, Dewson says there is not much difference to building primary homes versus second homes. The only change is the location of the lots, which has led Dewson Construction Co. into southern Delaware, the Jersey Shore and Chesapeake Bay.

“We build the same level of product wherever the location is,” Dewson says. “We just have four different geographic areas we’re focusing on.”

In 2010, Dewson Construction Co. delivered one such second home in Rehoboth Beach that called for a variety of luxury finishes and materials throughout the design. The 8,000-square-foot home features a cedar-shake roof, hand-scraped floors, cypress ceilings in the library and a kitchen with ebony and Madagascar woods with hand carvings.

According to Dewson, this home also includes a pool with an adjacent pool house made of bamboo and reeds to look like a hut on an island.

“Everything in this project has been handpicked by the interior designer, from the handcrafted pewter top from the U.K., to every piece in the entire home,” Dewson says. “It was all hand selected for this home and client and presented to them.”

The $5 million home took 18 months to complete, according to Dewson. He also says he and his colleagues at Dewson Construction Co. learned a valuable lesson about teamwork on projects of this magnitude.

“We used a team approach to work with the architect, owner and interior designer, and the level of quality and standards is second to none,” Dewson says. “I was in this home a couple weeks ago and it still feels new, smells new and looks new. The level of detail is quite precise throughout the home.”

As Dewson Construction Co. adds more projects to its backlog of work, Dewson says the company aims for steady growth in its current geographic market and capabilities.

He insists the company is not hoping to become the largest builder in the region – just the best.

“Our vision of the future would be to continue to provide the highquality service we have been providing,” Dewson says.