The Treco family made CGT Contractors & Developers a top choice for local commercial and residential work.

The Treco family made CGT Contractors & Developers a top choice for local commercial and residential work.IN THE BAHAMIAN construction market, the “Treco” name has become synonymous with quality construction and a high level of expertise for delivering projects throughout paradise. Now entering its third generation of Treco family ownership, CGT Contractors & Developers is as strong as ever.

“CGT has been a continuous leader in the local Bahamian construction industry for many decades not only through best practices and leading technologies, but for our dedication to quality workmanship and the highest ethical standards,” Project Controls Manager Ryan Treco says. “We have the experience and relationships to provide a full scope of services, and can manage the complex logistics of building in the sometimes remote locations throughout the Bahamas, including private islands.”

CGT Contractors & Developers was founded in 1963 by Carl G. Treco and remains a Bahamian, family owned and operated company. Since its launch, the company has grown from offering only basic residential construction to building luxury custom homes, commercial office and retail space, and civil and industrial projects.

Despite thriving for over five decades, the Treco family strives to keep CGT Contractors & Developers at the forefront of technological advances.
Most recently, the company has introduced technology to refine its payroll and human resources departments.

CGT has brought its field crews up to speed with technology by giving on-site managers iPads for daily timekeeping, site photographs, RFIs and The Treco family made CGT Contractors & Developers a top choice for local commercial and residential work.immediate drawing updates. The company also has started training on a system that will better track its inventory of tools and equipment.

“We’re utilizing barcodes to track each piece of inventory, from cranes and telehandlers to generators and jackhammers,” Treco says. “We are constantly striving to streamline and improve our company and its processes.”

CGT also has turned to technology to market its services to a wide audience. Treco says the company once used referrals and its reputation for its business, but today CGT also uses the Internet to attract potential clients.

“Particularly in the local market, we used to rely almost exclusively on word-of-mouth advertising and our position in the marketplace as a top-tier general contractor to bring us new projects and new customers,” Treco says. “However, in the last decade or so, this has changed dramatically, and while we still rely heavily on our reputation and previous experience, we have significantly expanded our marketing presence through digital media such as Facebook and our company website.”

CGT Contractors & Developers was hired to construct the new Harry C. Moore Library & Information Center by the College of the Bahamas. The project entailed constructing a new 80,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility in just over 30 months.

The building is very unique in that it consists of curved concrete walls which were poured in place using a Styrofoam forming system called “Quad-Lock” which then remained in place as part of the building’s structure as thermal insulation.

During the bid process, the cost of the project was significantly more than the budget the college had to spend. As the low bidder, CGT was engaged to perform significant value engineering in order to reduce the overall cost. This enabled the company to suggest changes that not only reduced the total cost but to improve the workflow of the various activities and reduce the overall construction duration as well.

For example, the Quad-Lock system saved CGT tremendous time and money by allowing the company to leave the forms in place, eliminating the time and money associated with stripping the formwork down after pouring the concrete, according to Ryan. Since the system is already an excellent thermal insulator, there was no need to spend additional time or money installing secondary wall insulation.

One of the main challenges with this project was the massive curved steel frame roof. The sheer size of the roof was a challenge unto itself. However, making it even more complicated was the fact that in addition to being curved, it also has a varying pitch which then culminates into a central atrium capped with a custom glass dome allowing light to filter into the main lobby below.

The Trecos aim to create a family atmosphere at CGT Contractors & Developers encourages employees to stay with the firm. Treco says the The Treco family made CGT Contractors & Developers a top choice for local commercial and residential has over 20 employees who have been with CGT for more than 10 years, and five members of the back office team have over 30 years of experience with CGT.

“Because we are a family company, we believe in treating our employees like a part of that family,” Treco says.

CGT’s familiar attitude extends to the community, as well. The company supports a variety of causes and organizations that are close to the hearts of its employees. Also, Treco and his father, Larry, are active members of the Rotary Clubs of the Bahamas.

“CGT also sponsors several events and initiatives throughout the year in support of our local community,” Treco says. “In that way, we help our community and build a stronger relationship with our own team.”

Treco and Nicole Knowles, Treco’s cousin, are the third generation of Treco leadership for CGT and are set to eventually take over for Larry and Wayne Treco.

“We are steering the company in new directions through technology, streamlined process and growth through new sales and marketing initiatives,” he says.