Stafford Homes & Land’s new northwest contemporary home pays homage to an inspiring setting.

Stafford Homes & Land’s new northwest contemporary home pays homage to an inspiring setting.NESTLED IN A 63-ACRE, vineyard-based development, Tumwater – a dream come to realization in itself for developer Stafford Land Co. – is the 2016 NW Natural Street of Dreams show, where the company is the lead property developer.

Among the stars of this summer’s show were five luxury homes, including “Quintessence,” a 6,275-square-foot home designed to flow with a stunning natural environment.

Sustainable Luxury

Complementing the beauty of the home site is the fact that this is the largest single-family home in Oregon to receive an Earth Advantage Platinum Certification, a tribute to sustainability amidst luxury.

The future homeowner will enjoy utility bills estimated at $111 per month; about the same as the 2,000-square-foot ranch floor plans being crafted by Stafford in their other subdivisions.

Built in the Northwest contemporary style – with clean lines but warmth-infusing exposed natural materials; the five-bedroom, five-bath home in Portland, Oregon’s West Linn neighborhood offers views of the Willamette Valley and Mt. Hood just past the acres of vineyard stretching out below the backyard veranda.

‘Natural Affinity’

Stafford Homes & Land worked in partnership with Northwest Dream Homes to bring the vision for a minimally framed home that maximizes a
connection to the outdoors to reality.

According to the Home Builders Association of Metro Portland, which organizes the Street of Dreams show, the home’s name suggests a higher tier of design and workmanship.

“The rugged materials and organic shapes of the vast Tumwater landscape show a natural affinity for the elements of earth,” the association says. “‘Quintessence’ is the fifth and highest essence after the four elements of earth, air, fire and water, thought to be the substance of the heavenly bodies and latent in all things.”

Environmental Wonder

Built as a single-story, the home is meant to augment its occupants’ connection to the surrounding environment with natural materials throughout, including a 30-foot-long, floor-to-ceiling Montana stone and steel fireplace, which connects indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Stone for the home was hand-selected, including a 2,200-pound boulder which was craned into a tile-and-quartz surrounding in the home’s master shower.

“The views of the Willamette Valley and Mt. Hood are framed by an opening window wall, extending your natural living space in the open living area central to the home,” the site says. “‘Quintessence’ is the only zero-step entry, one-floor dream home, including a connected suite that would be optimal for domestic service quarters or a guest suite.”

The connection to the setting was honored throughout with an eye to see just how efficient a dwelling of this size could be. Because the communityStafford Homes & Land’s new northwest contemporary home pays homage to an inspiring setting. draws water from a low-volume well, storage and water use had to be carefully balanced. To the casual visitor who admires the abundant outdoor water features, rain curtains and waterfalls it is not apparent that it derives from a rainwater catchment and underground storage system. The roof captures and diverts rainfall into storage tanks, which in turn fill the ponds and channels surrounding the home. Even the driveway collects rain via decorative, stone-filled driveway reliefs into the landscape planting areas. Irrigation is fed by the water storage system, augmented by the community well supply.

The design and construction paid attention to being self-sustainable, with a large array of solar panels that collect and produce more power than the home uses. Gas-fired instant water heaters reduce energy consumption while allowing generous hot water at all points of use. The home is well sealed, creating an extremely quiet envelope with fewer air exchanges, further driving down energy costs. Quintessence adhered to the elements of air, water and earth, respecting each one.

On the subject of the fourth element – fire – the 30-foot indoor/outdoor natural gas fireplace radiates heat for those gathered around. Water-immersed gas torches light up the pond areas while Tempest torches greet all who enter. 

Quintessence and a second Stafford Homes luxury home named “Mon Coeur” are highlights in the show this year, held on the company’s Tumwater property. This home includes a 24-acre vineyard and rustic “Barrel House” tasting room as its centerpiece.

“Some years back, we had this idea to build a new community with a vineyard for homeowners to enjoy,” says Jeffery Plummer, who leads marketing development for Stafford Homes & Land. “The idea never died.”

Now, Tumwater at Pete’s Mountain is an exclusive community, with just nine homes – five of which are part of the 2016 NW Natural Street of Dreams show.

Though Stafford Homes & Land is approaching its second year in business building communities, the company stemmed from a history of real estate and development experience.

The two principals – Gordon Root and Rick Waible – are developers well connected within the industry in the Portland region, and the company’s parent company, Stafford Land Company Inc. a Portland, Oregon-based developer whose principal owners have more than 50 years of combined homebuilding experience.

As Stafford Land Company Inc. saw continued success in procuring promising properties, the new homes division was created to see those projects to fruition. Then came opportunities for more substantial developments.

“In time there were a few choice parcels that begged for new home communities to be created,” the company says. “The question being ‘Do we sell the land to others or develop it ourselves?’”

The company chose the latter, launching Stafford Homes & Land into its initial new home community build project late in 2014.

“Since then, our company has grown to meet the needs of the business, and by doing so we had completed 25 brand new homes and pulled 70 permits in the cities of Canby, Molalla, Forest Grove and Silverton, Oregon,” the company says. “Our new homes meet the need for energy-efficient, well-engineered houses that offer fresh new floor plans and real value. They are the very homes we enjoy building and what we want to live in.”

On the Horizon

Just hitting the homebuyer market is another Stafford Homes & Land project, a new community in Canby, Oregon, they have named “Franz Meadow.” Following that in August are communities in Milwaukie and Dundee, Oregon.

“The first Franz Meadow homes are being framed up, and presales indicate that this collection of ranch and two-story master on main level plans are what people desire in a new home,” Plummer says. “It truly is a great time to be a homebuilder in Oregon.

“There is joy in knowing that people are working again, busy in the trades and bringing new ideas and concepts to market,” he adds.
To celebrate, Stafford Homes & Land is excited to show what the local suppliers, contractors and vendors can do – luxuriously on display at the 2016 NW Natural Street of Dreams show.