Henin Homes

Henin delivers its European-inspired philosophy to the American way of life.

Henin delivers its European-inspired philosophy to the American way of life.Jerome Henin, president of Henin Group, has been guiding the company in building production and custom homes since 2005 with his more than thirty years of experience in property development and construction. Henin has a versatile background in architecture and construction that includes professional degrees, corporate positions and hands-on experience in the European and the U.S.’ markets dealing with all facets of real estate and development. Originally from France, Henin began his professional real estate studies and career in Paris.

“I expanded my business to Florida in 1994 and began building the many companies that the Henin Group is comprised of,” Henin says.

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4Corners Homes

4Corners places community in the spotlight by increasing family friendly spaces.

When Tracy Williams and Dusty Boren first became business partners they wanted to build a company that was centered around its customers, employees and subcontractors.

“We were focused on creating a place where people wanted to come to work and get excited about what we were doing,” says Boren, co-founder of 4Corners Homes.

For Boren, it has always been about the rewarding feeling of turning over the keys to the new homeowners on closing day. It is this feeling that motivates the company’s goal to grow, a journey that has not been without its challenges.

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PSW Real Estate

Lifelong friends bring their shared values to the Texas homebuilding market.

When two lifelong friends come together to start a homebuilding company, there’s no debate regarding the ethics and values that will guide the firm and its decision-making process. That’s what potential homebuyers encounter when they work with PSW Real Estate in Texas.

“When you start a company with your friends, you know you are launching from a place of common understanding and shared values,” says Anthony Siela, managing member of PSW Real Estate who founded the company with Ryan Diepenbrock in 2001. “Ryan and I know how each other processes information and makes decisions, so we can move quickly on things that might take competitors much longer. We also have the same standards when it comes to doing the right thing, which plays a big part in building a company’s culture and deciding how to treat customers.”

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