Ford, Powell & Carson Architects and Planners Inc.

Ford, Powell & Carson Architects and Planners Inc. has grown alongside San Antonio as the city changes.

SINCE LEGENDARY ARCHITECT O’Neil Ford arrived in San Antonio in 1939, Ford, Powell & Carson (FPC) Architects and Planners Inc. has evolved with the times – even when that called for a complete overhaul of the executive leadership team. It’s a matter of survival in the competitive Texas construction landscape, and FPC is well aware of what it takes to succeed.

“The thing that sets us apart from our competitors is that the firm is always renewing itself,” says Michael Guarino, principal of FPC. “We’ve just announced a completely new leadership structure for the firm, and even our best friends are a little startled at how young our new leadership is. But they are full of the kind of energy and creativity that has helped the firm weather wars, a depression and the greater changes of society as a whole.

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Hansen Real Estate Services

Hansen Real Estate Services develops multifamily residential properties in Des Moines, Iowa.

WHETHER IT’S DEVELOPING products to cater to the latest design trends or adding the technological advancements as standard options, Hansen Real Estate Services of Des Moines, Iowa, has stayed on top of the multifamily-residential market by delivering exciting living quarters to residents who want the best.

“I think our development projects are a much higher-end product than what is typically seen in this market,” says Troy Hansen, founder and president of Hansen Real Estate Services. “We do things that are unique and have a ‘wow’ factor, so people typically enjoy living in our communities.”

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Renasci Development

Based in Agoura Hills. California, privately funded Renasci Development understands homebuyers and homebuilders - from lot to home design.

Based in Agoura Hills. California, privately funded Renasci Development understands homebuyers and homebuilders - from lot to home design.WITH A TEAM that has built thousands of homes, Renasci Development understands the market.

The experienced executive bench knows what families want in a home and have the added knowledge in educating themselves to know what other builders need when developing finished lots. The group has utilized their expertise and attention to quality and applied that to the company, founded in 2013. It has taking off successfully, especially in northern California.

Renasci is taking several neighborhoods to market, designing contemporary homes that are energy efficient, attractive and meet the diverse needs of today’s families. At the same time, the company is looking for potential projects where lots can be developed – for Renasci or for other builders.

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