Pace Plumbing

Pace keeps up the pace in the Big Apple with an impressive market foresight.

Pace keeps up the pace in the Big Apple with an impressive market foresight.“If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.” This slogan has been defining New York City for generations, and for Pace Plumbing and Fire Protection the intense competitive nature of the Big Apple landscape has allowed it to develop its strategic insight. The company works on some of the city’s most historical landmarks, including Four World Trade Center and the Jacob Javits Convention Center.

“We have been fortunate enough with our strategic decision making to continue to guess right for the next wave of construction in the New York City market,” President Andru Coren says. “The strategic decision making started 40 years ago with our founder Harold Block and continues today.”

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Kraus-Anderson Construction Company

Presenting unmatched solutions with a massive network of resources across the U.S.

Presenting unmatched solutions with a massive network of resources across the U.S.There are several different services potential clients can expect to receive from Kraus-Anderson. They include cost analysis, value engineering and scheduling. The bottom line savings for the clients can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on the size of the project.

Kraus-Anderson has a wide range of resources it is able to tap into. The personnel positions include: mechanical, electrical and plumbing specialists, government grant specialists for both local and federal entities as well as design experts, who will assist the project manager in reviewing the building envelope to ensure a watertight building will be handed over to the client.

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Miller Architects & Builders

Miller streamlines its process to ensure projects are completed via a single source.

Miller streamlines its process to ensure projects are completed via a single source.The upper Midwest market may be the most geographically diverse in the country, but for Miller Architects & Builders, the consistency of superior performance, along with shared resources has brought generations of regional success.

“The key is that we emphasize our single source processes and provide resources based on our client’s needs,” CEO Dan Miller says. “It is a personal process for each client and project, assisting them with development, financial sourcing, architectural design and construction services.”

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