Presenting unmatched solutions with a massive network of resources across the U.S.

Presenting unmatched solutions with a massive network of resources across the U.S.There are several different services potential clients can expect to receive from Kraus-Anderson. They include cost analysis, value engineering and scheduling. The bottom line savings for the clients can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on the size of the project.

Kraus-Anderson has a wide range of resources it is able to tap into. The personnel positions include: mechanical, electrical and plumbing specialists, government grant specialists for both local and federal entities as well as design experts, who will assist the project manager in reviewing the building envelope to ensure a watertight building will be handed over to the client.

These resources are being used extensively at the Liberty Way project in Marquette, Mich. In the construction manager role, Kraus-Anderson is overseeing the 3-phase project that features 130,000-square-feet of mixed-use space. The company started phase 1, also known as the Mbank Building, in early April of 2013.

“The look and the façade of the building was designed by Myefski Architects to match the historical look of downtown Marquette,” says Towner. “The look of the building is something that will fit within their community. There is a certain feel to Marquette that has been established over time, so you have to incorporate that when you are building something new.”

The Liberty Way project has numerous integrated design schemes across an urban courtyard, including heated parking and the three new buildings. The company is on the final stages of the first building, and the next building features a Staybridge Hotel, which will be completed in 2015. The construction schedule for the third building has not yet been set.

“It’s great to work with a client like Veridea Group because they are changing the landscape of the community as leaders,” says Towner.

Kraus-Anderson is optimistic that its increase in business continues for 2014 and beyond. Along with individual projects, Kraus-Anderson also has an impressive list of national accounts. Regardless of the account type, customer service is always a top priority.


“With the national accounts we get to learn the needs and wants of our clients,” says Towner. “Once we do, we are able to provide a better service as we continue improving and tweaking the systems we use.”

This knowledge and ability to build trust with its client is the basis of Kraus-Anderson’s future as one of the industry’s top solutions provider.

“The majority of work Kraus-Anderson does is with repeat clients,” says Towner. “I believe this shows that overtime, we have been very successful as a company at building trust and long-lasting relationships.”