Los Gatos Roofing has set itself apart in the Silicon Valley market by giving homeowners a single point of contact.

Los Gatos Roofing has set itself apart in the Silicon Valley market by giving homeowners a single point of contact.WITH ROOTS IN the area that go back more than 100 years, the family that operates Los Gatos Roo ng (LGR) in Los Gatos and San Jose, California, is among the San Francisco Bay Area’s most proven contractors. But the company – with offerings that range from asphalt composition shingles to clay tile, wood shakes and cedar shingles – doesn’t rest on its reputation alone. The company provides roof replacement and repair as well as attic insulation, and has earned top certifications in residential roofing.

Earning distinctions like Angie’s List’s “Super Service Award” and rated “Highest in Quality” by California-based rating company Diamond Certi ed since 2005, LGR sets itself apart by creating a smooth and ef cient customer experience, owner Cameron Radonich says.

Relationship Building

That starts with the  first phone call, according to Radonich.

“We try to give customers a better experience by giving them one point of contact during their experience with Los Gatos Roofing,” he says. “After calling into the office, we will give the lead to a salesman, who becomes the project manager if the job is sold.

“We would like the customer to have a relationship with one person from the company and not feel like they are being ‘passed around,’” Radonich adds. “This also reduces the chances of miscommunication while the job is being done.”

It also extends to what unfolds at each job site, Radonich says.

Trusted employees – empowered to do their job well – make all the difference.

“We give our salesmen the ability to make decisions on the job,” he says. “Every job has different details, and every customer has a different temperament. Our goal is that our salesmen have enough confidence to handle any problem or surprise on the job with the customer immediately.

“We want the customer to know there is someone at LGR that is dedicated to taking care of their project,” he adds.

Top Training

Add expertise to that customer service, and Los Gatos has found the right niche.

LGR is the original Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor in Santa Clara County, California, and also is a Select Shingle Applicator and Quality Master for CertainTeed Corp.

Its installers are factory-trained, certified and follow the most stringent safety standards, Radonich says.

The company also is adaptable. Radonich says LGR stays on top of changes and knows how it can best serve the market. The two major trends on the West Coast, he says, are solar and cool roofs. Increased energy regulations, specifically the California Energy Commission Building Energy Efficiency Program – enacted as Title 24 – have brought efficiency standards to the forefront for contractors, though it’s not as relevant in the residential field.

“Title 24 has affected the commercial market more than the residential market,” Radonich says. “Los Angeles has adopted a solar reflective minimum, so we are seeing the manufacturers respond by making more and more ‘cool shingles.’

“This hasn’t totally affected the Bay Area yet, but it is coming up more and more in conversations with homeowners.”

While some roofers have tried to transition into the solar industry, Los Gatos Roofing has elected to wait.

“Instead of installing solar, we are working with solar contractors if a homeowner wants both a roof and solar,” Radonich says. “The overall percentage of houses with solar is low, but it is becoming more and more popular in our market.”

Energy efficiency matters to homeowners more than it used to, Radonich says, but in the upscale Bay Area, homeowners still list looks as a top priority.

“The Bay Area has extremely high home values, and aesthetics are still the No. 1 concern of the homeowner,” he says. “If there is a way to achieve the desired look and be efficient, often the homeowners will decide to do both. A good example is the addition of radiant barrier to a job. For a minimal expense, a homeowner can reduce the heat buildup in their attic, which will in turn reduce their need for air conditioning during the summer months.

“There has not been a big desire to install ‘cool color’ shingles because the colors are ‘washed out’ compared with the traditional colors,” Radonich continues.

Community Player

In a community that sees constant change, the company’s history stands out. Radonich is the son of original owner Gary Radonich— and those two represent the fourth and fifth generations in the Los Gatos community.

Gary’s paternal great-grandfather Perro Radonic immigrated to Los Gatos from Croatia in 1905, purchasing a 128-acre ranch in 1918. The Radonich Ranch still exists today as a Christmas tree farm.

Those stories are part of the company’s legacy and part of the reason LGR’s leaders stay involved in causes that matter to their neighbors, Cameron says.

“We like to help out with any school or youth activity, because we feel connected to the community and the families here,” he
says. “It is important to LGR to help as we can when we are asked, as well as when we see an opportunity.

“Our area in the Silicon Valley is changing so much and so fast that it is important for the businesses and families that have been here for generations to give back to maintain some stability to keep up with the constant progress and change,” he says.

The company sale force’s professionalism – and the handiwork of its tradespeople – are evident in each project, especially when compared to what other roofers are doing, Cameron says.

LGR sets a goal to complete a roof for an average home in three days, with minimal inconvenience to homeowners.

“The best advertising we can do is install a roof on the same street as another company who is installing a roof,” he says. “It happens from time to time, and we will get a number of calls from other neighbors who are amazed at how ef cient and clean our operation is.”