Skybeck Construction LLC

Skybeck overcomes every challenge to find success on the Denizen Condos.

Skybeck overcomes every challenge to find success on the Denizen Condos.The most successful construction companies are founded by professionals with years of experience, proving that knowledge serves as the guiding force in overcoming the long list of challenges faced by every startup. Adam Nyer, founder and president of Skybeck, is the perfect illustration of experience translating to achievement. With over 14 years in the business, Nyer has held a variety of jobs in construction and managed over $240 million in projects. These jobs, ranging from field engineer to owner with nearly every position in between, have given him the necessary know ledge to relate to all levels of employees at his company. It is these employees that Nyer accredits Skybeck’s success to.

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Bakken Contracting

Working to fill an urgent need for construction of residential properties in the Bakken region.

With as many as 300 employees and subcontractors’ employees working throughout the region on any given day, Bakken Contracting, a partnership between two experienced North Dakota companies, is building dwellings to support the oil rush and other industries attracted by related revitalization.

“Bakken Contracting is more than just a builder,” Operations Vice President Brett Rossell says. “As an owner and operator of businesses and properties throughout the region, our experience affects various elements of the energy sector ? we see ourselves as a partner with clients. We work with our clients to find the best solutions that fit their goals and market realities. A lot of outside investors don’t have that same boots-on-the-ground kind of experience. Because of this unique experience, we see ourselves as more of a strategic partner, in addition to a general contractor.”

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Miller Architects & Builders

Miller streamlines its process to ensure projects are completed via a single source.

Miller streamlines its process to ensure projects are completed via a single source.The upper Midwest market may be the most geographically diverse in the country, but for Miller Architects & Builders, the consistency of superior performance, along with shared resources has brought generations of regional success.

“The key is that we emphasize our single source processes and provide resources based on our client’s needs,” CEO Dan Miller says. “It is a personal process for each client and project, assisting them with development, financial sourcing, architectural design and construction services.”

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