Telligent Masonry

Telligent Masonry goes all out for project owners in the Baltimore/Washington, D.C., area.

Telligent Masonry goes all out for project owners in the Baltimore/Washington, D.C., area.THE BACK-AND-FORTH between general contractors and subs on a project in the Baltimore/ Washington, D.C., metropolitan area often can resemble the bipartisan squabbles during Congressional sessions. Telligent Masonry, however, wants nothing to do with that type of business.

Instead, the masonry contractor works together with general contractors and owners to create budgets and schedules that work for all parties involved. According to Chris Pappas, CEO of Telligent Masonry and son of the company’s founder Gus, this business model has led to a 99 percent repeat client retention rate.

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Moseley Construction Group

Emphasizing the importance of following through with commitments.

Emphasizing the importance of following through with commitments.

Customer Service is a word that Ashburn, Va.-based general contractor Moseley Construction Group does not take lightly. As vice president of preconstruction services, Michael Kujan will tell you, it’s all about principles and a customer first process that is apparent in every aspect of operation.

“We truly emphasize our core values, and we stress meeting clients’ expectations while keeping the budget and scope of work in check,” Kujan says. “That’s what is making Moseley Construction Group grow.”

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Frana Companies

Working with clients while building a residency in a historical neighborhood.

Working with clients while building a residency in a historical neighborhood.From its beginning, Hopkins, Minnesota-based Frana Companies had a goal to the be the best in the business. Established in 1977 by Gary Frana, the company has used its 35 years of experience to make that goal a reality. Today, Peter Donnino, who joined the firm in 1983 as a project coordinator, is president and CEO. Sticking to Frana’s original goal, Donnino believes in creating innovative ways to deliver the highest possible quality at the lowest possible cost. Throughout the years, the company has managed a variety of projects, ranging from 15-story poured concrete condominium towers to 300 unit townhome communities to complex interior renovations. Its dedication to high quality extends to its entire list of clients— developers, business owners, corporations, religious groups and government agencies—and to its employees.

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