Blackpine Communities

BlackPine Communities is building in parts of downtown Sacramento, California, that have lacked new product.

BlackPine Communities is building in parts of downtown Sacramento, California, that have lacked new product.BLACKPINE COMMUNITIES has deep roots in Sacramento, California, which explains why the developer can design product that caters to just about any homebuyer in California’s capital city.

Michael Paris, founder, president and CFO of BlackPine Communities, relies on about three decades’ worth of homebuilding expertise to deliver what Sacramento’s competitive buyer’s market demands. Currently, the company is working on The Creamery at Alkali Flat and Curtis Park Village, two developments that bring BlackPine Communities out of the suburbs and into the urban infill segment.

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Steorts Homebuilders LLC

The father/son duo in charge of Steorts Homebuilders LLC are experts in theWest Virginia market.

The father/son duo in charge of Steorts Homebuilders LLC are experts in theWest Virginia market.CONSIDERING THE RATE of repeat clients and the sheer number of awards it has earned, there’s no denying Steorts Homebuilders has a handle on what the West Virginia luxury custom homebuilding market desires. Despite this, Jason Steorts, coowner of Steorts Homebuilders with his father Mike Steorts, believes communication is what his namesake company does best.

“Communication helps run the job smoothly,” Steorts says. “We try to keep up with trends like software that is available and even just simple texts and emails. Any cost overruns or any problems people may have on jobs, we know what to do to rectify them.”

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Great Southern Homes

Great Southern Homes has built a leadership team with vast experience to become a regional giant.

Great Southern Homes has built a leadership team with vast experience to become a regional giant.AN ESTABLISHED homebuilding company with over 15 years in business doesn’t typically have the booming growth Great Southern Homes has experienced in the past two years.

However, with leaders like company founder Michael Nieri and CEO Mike Satterfield, who together boast a combined 55 years of homebuilding experience throughout South Carolina, the continued growth of Great Southern Homes has no bounds.

As the housing market began correcting itself in 2013, Great Southern Homes sold close to 250 homes primarily in Columbia, South Carolina, and surrounding areas. That number jumped to 420 in 2014 when the company added satellite locations in Aiken and Sumter, South Carolina.

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