Silverpoint Homes

West Virginia-based modular home dealer Silverpoint Homes aims to provide the best value per square foot.

West Virginia-based modular home dealer Silverpoint Homes aims to provide the best value per square foot.WORKING IN THE modular home business, the team members at Silverpoint Homes are prepared to educate potential homebuyers on the advantages of modular homes over stick-built homes: reduced cost and construction time, the benefits of a factory environment on materials and quality control, and a much more convenient buying and building process.

Often, all it takes is a look at the quality – and the extent of custom options – at one of the company’s two model home centers.

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Superior Development LCC

Constant improvement is the secret to success for Jason Lenard, owner of Superior Development LCC.

Constant improvement is the secret to success for Jason Lenard, owner of Superior Development LCC.IN ORDER TO be a successful athlete at the highest levels of competition, an unwavering dedication to improving on the fundamentals is a requirement. Jason Lenard, a former collegiate baseball player turned owner of Superior Development LLC in Nashville, Tennessee, brings this same attitude to his business.

“We strongly believe our dedication to becoming better people and working with subcontractors and vendors alike will ultimately show up in our work,” Lenard says. “We also believe in giving the best products we possibly can for the price.”

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Surrey Homes

By taking a process-driven approach, Surrey Homes has become one of the fastest-growing builders in its region.

By taking a process-driven approach, Surrey Homes has become one of the fastest-growing builders in its region.WITH AN EXPERIENCED TEAM, Surrey Homes understands what homeowners want in a buying experience and what they want to see in a home.

Company President Scott South, a 30-year veteran of the Central Florida homebuilding industry, has delivered more than 5,000 homes, so he knows what details matter in a house and what makes it stand the test of time. Surrey’s in-house architect tailors the company’s floorplans to make homes just the right fit for individual buyers.

In the five years since it was founded, the company has experienced a swift response to its positioning as a trustworthy builder committed to excellence.

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