Envirohaven Corp.

Envirohaven Corp. delivers some of the most sustainable homes in the United States.

SUNCREST BUILDERS INC. founder and President Greg Bischoff has always had a passion for sustainable and energy-efficient design. The first home he designed and built in Truckee, California, in 1982 is essentially a two-story, earth-sheltered, passive solar custom home. The design maximizes the warm air that rises to the top floor, circulated through cinderblock channels lined up under the bottom level. The home was simple and cost-effective to construct. Low energy costs allowed his young family to live extremely comfortably with minimal heating costs in the nation’s fifthsnowiest town. Bischoff’s passion for sustainability eventually led to the 1992 founding of Suncrest Builders with his wife Vicki.

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Palo Verde Homes

Palo Verde Homes founder Edgar Montiel left his corporate career as an engineer to launch the homebuilding company of his dreams.

EDGAR MONTIEL easily could have stayed employed as an engineer for some of the most recognizable companies in the United States, where he earned a great salary and benefits to support himself and his growing family. Like countless entrepreneurs before him, though, he felt the pull toward his true passion and decided to take his chances launching a business so he could do what he truly loves every day.

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Evergreene Homes

Evergreene Homes offers almost unlimited customization so owners end up with the perfect fit.

BORN FROM A DESIRE to move away from the corporate environment of big firms in favor of a more creative and collaborative way of building homes, Evergreene Homes enjoys building residences and neighborhoods in Virginia, Maryland and Delaware, by taking the best elements of the corporate experience – processes and planning – and melding those with a focus on the homeowners and home designs.

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