Altus Architecture + Design

Timothy A. Alt launched Altus Architecture + Design to deliver crafted custom homes in the Twin Cities.

Timothy A. Alt launched Altus Architecture + Design to deliver crafted custom homes in the Twin Cities.AFTER SPENDING 10 years designing large scale commercial and office projects for developer owners more interested in the pro forma than making an architectural statement, Timothy A. Alt sought a different path for his career. He launched ALTUS Architecture + Design in 1995 to work on smaller projects where he would have direct access to clients, working with them to deliver the visions they have for their singlefamily homes.

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h.a. Fisher Homes

Rhode Island homebuilder h.a. Fisher homes has unlocked the secret to boosting sales – focusing on women.

Rhode Island homebuilder h.a. Fisher homes has unlocked the secret to boosting sales – focusing on women.THE SHIFT FROM homebuilder to woman-centric homebuilder at h.a. Fisher Homes demonstrates the transformative power of a new perspective.

Though the company and its founder, former real estate broker Hugh A. Fisher, have been in the business since 1976, a “total shift” just before the Great Recession turned the company into a headline-maker with a long list of fans – and ready homebuyers – Fisher says.

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27 Diamonds

The creative minds at 27 diamonds interior design enhance each client’s personal style, often with some bling.

The creative minds at 27 diamonds interior design enhance each client’s personal style, often with some bling.WORKING AMONG HIGH-END clientele in Orange County, California, 27 Diamonds has found a niche that matches its glitzy name.

The full-service interior design and home furnishings company delivers living spaces that reflect clients’ lifestyles with artistic vision and curated or fully customized pieces. “Our philosophy is: It’s all about the client,” founder Anna Shiwlall says. “It’s about getting to know the client personally – their personalities and how their families function. Then we create a functional and beautiful space that suits them. I figure out what they like and enhance it.”

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