De Young Properties

With three generations of homebuilders guiding its path, De Young Properties continues to redefine efficient living.

ESTABLISHING A REPUTATION for innovation in the progressive California homebuilding market is no small task. Maintaining that market position is even harder.

But De Young Properties, established in 1974, has been able to benefit from decades of homebuilding experience, which goes back even farther, while continuing to innovate. Its new De Young SmartHome Icon Series floor plans are one example.

“At De Young Properties, we find that staying ahead of industry trends and always building towards the most innovative ways of constructing a home is a key selling point in our market,” Executive Vice President Brandon De Young says. “Our homebuyers are looking for cutting-edge building science and technology to save money while also helping the environment; De Young Properties provides that, and more.”

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Eric Lee set out to create a design/build company with unparalleled ethics when he launched VictorEric.

Eric Lee set out to create a design/build company with unparalleled ethics when he launched VictorEric.AS THE DESIGN/BUILD METHOD of delivering homes has gained steam over the last decade, more contractors and architectural firms use the term lightly, giving homebuyers a false sense of the services they offer. Eric Lee knows all too well what can happen when a company says it’s something it’s not, so he has made it his mission to show homebuyers what the true design/build experience is like through his firm, VictorEric Premium Homes.

“There are a lot more people calling themselves design/builders these days, but they’re not really design/builders – it’s more of a marketing thing,” says Lee, who is a principal with his namesake firm. “Most of the time, it is either a business where people hire contractors and designers who are not in-house and call themselves a design/build team.

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Thomas L. Turcketta Building & Remodeling

Tom Turcketta has dedicated his life to preserving the homes early Americans built throughout Cape Cod.

Tom Turcketta has dedicated his life to preserving the homes early Americans built throughout Cape Cod.REMODELING AND RESTORING homes in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, was never about the money for Tom Turcketta. Instead, it was about living out his passion to preserve American history, one home at a time.

“I think the history is important,” says Turcketta, who comes from a family of carpenters and launched Thomas L. Turcketta Building & Remodeling in 1975. “A lot of the homes we work on were built by early settlers before the Revolution or before the Industrial Revolution, so each house tells a story.

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