Heslin Construction is delivering more contemporary looks — ones that flow with California’s Lake Tahoe.

Heslin Construction is delivering more contemporary looks — ones that flow with California’s Lake Tahoe.WITH A FOCUS ON QUALITY and customization in every detail, Heslin Construction has a pulse on the aesthetic preferences of high-end homebuyers who gravitate to Lake Tahoe – the desirable destination point on California and Nevada’s border. For many years, the preference was a rustic, mountain look, but the in-demand custom homebuilder now has opportunities to blend contemporary elements that augment the lifestyle and setting for these upscale properties.

The result is a home that feels more connected to nature – and a chance to tap the creativity that makes Heslin Construction a standout, according to Matt Heslin, founder and president of Heslin Construction.

“The structure is completely different,” he says. “A mountain contemporary is more boxy with a larger expanse of glass that brings the outdoors in and allows you to feel more a part of nature. The materials are cleaner – we use a lot of select clear cedar and vertical grain cedar.”

These are woods without knots, part of a goal to not distract from the clean lines that draw the eye outside.

“We are keeping the amount of material down to a minimum,” Heslin says. “I have a client right now who wants an ultra-contemporary home and we are keeping the palate to three kinds of materials: concrete, sheet rock and oak.”

Staying Ahead

The trend is continuing in that direction, though Heslin Construction – known for meticulous execution in custom home construction since its start in 2004 – has the expertise to build to any taste.

“There are always people who love the cabin/rustic look,” Heslin says. “But the times are changing.

“For us as builders, it’s good to push the envelope and come up with new creative ideas and be with the folks who are leading the way,” he adds.

Heslin Construction, recognized as the 2014 Builder of the Year by the Contractors Association of Truckee Tahoe, knows the company is hitting the Heslin Construction is delivering more contemporary looks — ones that flow with California’s Lake Tahoe.mark when strikingly similar homes – at least as they meet the eye – start to appear on the market. “People ask me about my ideas or take what we’ve done in the past and copy that,” he says. “Imitation is the highest form of flattery. These newer designs help us stay out in front.”

Luxury Living

Over the past year, the company has continued its strong presence in Martis Camp, the luxury community in the North Lake Tahoe-Truckee area of California, yet also has expanded to other lake areas. Heslin is building on the beautiful West Shore of Lake Tahoe, as well as in Northstar, a ski resort that is seeing reinvigorated growth and expansion, and Lahontan Golf Club, a private community in Truckee.

Heslin says his company also has focused on building a winning team.

“We’ve worked to become a company pushing the limits and we keep growing,” Heslin says. “We are considered one of the forefront companies locally.”

The company’s trademark is building for clientele – mostly San Francisco Bay Area families with budgets that provide for any over-the-top addition, yet Heslin Construction still provides value for each of those clients.

The company also can build a home on a more modest scale.

Creativity is not limited by budget. “We cater to both the ultra high-end, where we can really push the envelope, and those with a stricter budget,” Heslin says. “Regardless, we build a dream home.”

Broad Capabilities

Among some of the more interesting recent requests, Heslin says, are for hidden rooms.

At one home site, the company is building what Heslin calls the “Harry Potter” room – 150 square feet of space under a set of stairs and concealed behind a bookshelf.

Other frequent requests are larger media rooms or theater rooms, as well as art rooms with wall-to-wall cabinets and a stainless steel sink in a Heslin Construction is delivering more contemporary looks — ones that flow with California’s Lake Tahoe.center island for paint. These queries are good fits for the type of clients who look to Heslin, many of whom have young children at home.

No matter the request, Heslin uses the same approach with each client – a seamless, efficient and transparent process. Ingrained in this company’s culture is a goal to have clients be part of the decision- making process, and to make that process as smooth as possible, from initial talks to a finished home. Heslin Construction prides itself on keeping on the forefront that each client’s vision is as individual as they are, and each team member works to keep the projects on budget and on time.

Though demand for the company’s work has grown each year, Heslin says he wants to maintain that focus on quality over quantity, maintaining the strength of the company as it continues to grow.

“We don’t want to get too big, too fast,” he says. “We want to keep it manageable and never want to lose the focus on client relations. We make each client feel like our only client while we build them a vision they can live in.”

The company maintains a pace of four to six new home starts per year. “Some companies want to get big and grab everything that comes their way,” Heslin says. “I have some clients I’ve built multiple homes for.

“They appreciate my honest, personable approach and getting to know the whole team,” Heslin adds. “That’s how hands-on we are.”