Cape Cod

Dunhill Builders

Charlie Crovo takes pride in the fact Dunhill Builders’ clients have recommended his company to their kids.

Charlie Crovo takes pride in the fact Dunhill Builders’ clients have recommended his company to their kids.WHEN DELIVERING LUXURY homes on the exclusive Cape Cod and the Islands in Massachusetts, a dedication to quality and customer service is a must if any company to survive. Dunhill Builders has mastered this concept over the course of two decades, and today, the company is building for multiple generations of Cape Cod families, according to Charlie Crovo, owner and president of Dunhill Builders.

“We stand behind our work,” Crovo says. “We’ve been doing this for so long in the same location, we’re doing this for sons and daughters of our clients, which is a nice compliment.”

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Holmes Hole Builders LLC

Holmes Hole Builders LLC relies on principal Gary Maynard’s boatbuilding expertise to build luxurious homes.

Holmes Hole Builders LLC relies on principal Gary Maynard’s boatbuilding expertise to build luxurious homes.WHEN APPEALING TO one of the most affluent markets in the United States, with just 15,000 people on an island in New England, it’s best to use whatever you can to your advantage to stand out as a custom homebuilder. Holmes Hole Builders LLC, located on the Massachusetts island of Martha’s Vineyard, has carved a niche for itself as a builder that can manage any crew through a storm – which principal Gary Maynard has had to do plenty of times as a longtime boatbuilder as well as a sailing enthusiast.

“On the Vineyard, we’re lucky enough to be in an environment with extremely highend, cutting-edge architecture, and there are a number of builders out here that are very good,” Maynard says. “What we do differently is provide a high level of management both on the site and at the office.”

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Cotuit Bay Design LLC

Experienced design/builder Cotuit Bay Design LLC is rising to meet a new wave of demand in Cape Cod.

Experienced design/builder Cotuit Bay Design LLC is rising to meet a new wave of demand in Cape Cod.KNOWN FOR UNIQUELY incorporating New England’s traditional design appeal into residential and commercial properties, Cotuit Bay Design LLC has been part of its home community of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, for the past 15 years.

The breezy, beachy look – and sturdy design to withstand stormy weather – requires a unique skill set, and the company’s designs cater to the styles that have lured homeowners to the cape for decades.

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