East Coast

Great Southern Homes

Great Southern Homes has built a leadership team with vast experience to become a regional giant.

Great Southern Homes has built a leadership team with vast experience to become a regional giant.AN ESTABLISHED homebuilding company with over 15 years in business doesn’t typically have the booming growth Great Southern Homes has experienced in the past two years.

However, with leaders like company founder Michael Nieri and CEO Mike Satterfield, who together boast a combined 55 years of homebuilding experience throughout South Carolina, the continued growth of Great Southern Homes has no bounds.

As the housing market began correcting itself in 2013, Great Southern Homes sold close to 250 homes primarily in Columbia, South Carolina, and surrounding areas. That number jumped to 420 in 2014 when the company added satellite locations in Aiken and Sumter, South Carolina.

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Carolina Country Homes

Lancaster, South Carolina-based Carolina Country Homes has become a modular homebuilding leader.

Lancaster, South Carolina-based Carolina Country Homes has become a modular homebuilding leader.FOR YEARS, builders who offered homebuyers modular options had to wade through customer misperceptions – and detail the benefits: speed, quality, strength and sometimes cost.

But Carolina Country Homes is seeing the next generation of modular home buyers, people who already know the advantages modular homes can bring with the right builder.

“There’s been an incredible revolution,” company President David Amigo says. “When we started doing modular, there was a perception issue, but today – after years of our industry trade groups promoting the benefits of modular construction – the public is so much more aware and better educated. In fact, we often have customers who come in telling us modular homes are built better because the materials are in a factory and not out in the weather.”

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Charles Ross Homes

Over the past three decades, Charles Ross Homes has earned a reputation for quality.

Over the past three decades, Charles Ross Homes has earned a reputation for quality.CHARLES ROSS HOMES has been operating continuously for over 32 years in the Williamsburg, Virginia, area, designing, building and remodeling homes from 1,200 to 11,500 square feet.

The Charles Ross team is adept at designing in a variety of architectural styles to meet homeowner demands as well as performing major structural modifications, architecturally-sensitive additions and making changes to accommodate the evolving concepts of modern living.

What hasn’t changed is the company’s approach, Managing Director Tim Cleary says.

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