Over the past three decades, Charles Ross Homes has earned a reputation for quality.

Over the past three decades, Charles Ross Homes has earned a reputation for quality.CHARLES ROSS HOMES has been operating continuously for over 32 years in the Williamsburg, Virginia, area, designing, building and remodeling homes from 1,200 to 11,500 square feet.

The Charles Ross team is adept at designing in a variety of architectural styles to meet homeowner demands as well as performing major structural modifications, architecturally-sensitive additions and making changes to accommodate the evolving concepts of modern living.

What hasn’t changed is the company’s approach, Managing Director Tim Cleary says.

“Our goals today are the same as the day the company was founded: to build great homes and to make the process of designing and building them a great Over the past three decades, Charles Ross Homes has earned a reputation for quality.experience for our clients,” he says. “It’s gratifying that clients tell us consistently that we deliver on both. In fact, when one of our clients describes what it’s like to work with us, the phrase most often used is, ‘You can count on Charles Ross Homes to do what they say they will.’”

Informed Design

Achieving a perfect fit for a client begins in the design phase and continues through 60 1construction, Cleary says.

“Because design and construction are so interrelated, we adopted the design/build project delivery method in the late 1990s,” he says. “The design/build approach makes us fully responsible from start to finish so we’re in a better position to ensure a successful outcome for team reviews cost data for past projects of similar scope and compare them against an owner’s budget.

“It doesn’t serve anyone’s interest to design a project that won’t get built,” Cleary says. “If we don’t think we can meet the owner’s objective, we tell them early on.”

And remodeling work seems to be picking up pace. The company’s local market consists of a number of master-planned communities – most of which are nearly built out.Over the past three decades, Charles Ross Homes has earned a reputation for quality.

“With that comes a natural transition from new home construction to remodeling as the dominant residential construction business,” Cleary says. “We have experience doing both, so for us it’s just a matter of how much demand there is in either category.”

As a trusted design/builder, the company also sees how the market is changing. A trend toward more informal entertaining at home is one change, Cleary says.

“The majority of our clients no longer require a formal living room, and many are opting to forgo a formal dining room, too,” he says. “With more entertaining centered on the kitchen, the design of the kitchen and its relationship to adjacent entertaining areas needs to be carefully considered.”

With foodies on staff, including the company’s architect, Charles Ross Homes is up to the challenge.

“That better equips us to design kitchens that are both beautiful and functional,” Cleary says. “We’ve won local and national awards for our kitchens.”

Another trend is a demand for more accessible designs, driven by the owners’ plans to “age-in-place,” or the future need to care for elderly relatives.59 2

“Most of our designs feature first-floor master suites, so one option is to build a second-floor guest suite clients could use as an alternative master suite in the event they need to care for an elderly parent,” Cleary says.

The company also has designed first-floor “in-law” suites, which allow more independent living under the same roof, and see more homeowners looking for sustainability – another of Charles Ross Homes’ areas of expertise.

Ingrained in the Community

Four generations of the Ross family have called the Virginia peninsula home, so the community is near to their hearts – as important to them as it is to the families who choose Charles Ross.

For the most part, the company supports housing-related charities, including Housing Partnerships, which provides home maintenance services to those 59 3unable to afford them, and Habitat for Humanity, which provides affordable housing.Over the past three decades, Charles Ross Homes has earned a reputation for quality.

“We built a home for Habitat for Humanity during their 2012 Home Building Blitz, taking a home from foundation to completion in only four weeks,” Cleary says.

Charles Ross also works to help the Historic Virginia Land Conservancy (formerly the Williamsburg Land Conservancy). Cleary served for seven years on the conservancy’s directors’ board, including a year as chairman.

“The conservancy is working to balance our area’s development with the preservation of lands with significant natural, historic, scenic, or agricultural values,” Cleary says. “We think that’s a good thing.”