East Coast

Custom Homes of Virginia

Whether it’s a custom home, infill project or grand-scale renovation, Custom Homes of Virginia delivers.

THE OLD MANTRA about location and real estate remains relevant but has given way to a more holistic vision among progressive homebuilders: lifestyle, lifestyle, lifestyle.

Custom Homes of Virginia, based in Suffolk, Virginia, and serving the major cities nearby, embraces that approach. Whether a client is investing in a $199,000 or a $700,000 custom home, each is connected with a designer who ensures that the final product is a home that truly feels tailored and also fosters the lifestyle modern families seek.

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R T Lincoln & Associates

R T Lincoln & Associates provides new homes, remodels and additions for all types of buyers.

R T Lincoln & Associates provides new homes, remodels and additions for all types of buyers.BETWEEN RESPONSIBLE BUILDING practices and high-quality building assemblies, R T Lincoln & Associates understands what it takes to deliver homes that buyers in the Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, market seek.

“We take a common-sense approach to building homes,” R T Lincoln & Associates states. “Our homes are accessible, durable and efficient.

For its responsible building practices, R T Lincoln & Associates joins materials and objects to interact with one another in a calculated manner to allow its homes to age gracefully over time. In terms of the company’s assemblies, R T Lincoln & Associates sticks to time-tested ones like modular panels, glass, metal, wood, stucco, concrete, brick and stone.

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