AMEK Custom Builders

AMEK Custom Builders has the knowhow to perform ground-up custom homes and remodeling.

AMEK Custom Builders has the knowhow to perform ground-up custom homes and remodeling.THE COMMON THREAD that runs through AMEK Custom Builders’ work is an understanding of the whole home – the overall structure and how homeowners live within it – and a commitment to that vision.

The award-winning Minneapolis builder is known for homes and remodels that exude elegance, warmth and beauty from details to statement features.

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Accent Homes

Accent Homes thrives in the Twin Cities, building on 30 years of custom home design/build experience.

Accent Homes thrives in the Twin Cities, building on 30 years of custom home design/build experience.TALKING WITH FOURTH-generation builder Bud Dropps, it’s clear he and his company have a strong sense of the building market’s promise and challenges – and the experience to overcome those. Accent Homes also has a deep understanding of just what families want to see in a home.

“I think anybody who is in the market for a new home should be looking for someone who has some longevity in the business and has survived some ups and downs and is still here – if nothing else, just from a service standpoint,” he says. “‘Can I get my home serviced for the entire working period, and do they have the financial backing to do that?’ We have that. People know we are here to stay.”

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Craig Sharp Homes

Craig Sharp Homes has built a model for understanding the market – and building to suit.

Craig Sharp Homes has built a model for understanding the market – and building to suit.WITH FIVE DECADES in the business, Craig Sharp Homes knows how to preserve what works for the custom homebuilder and how to adapt to changing needs for the homeowner at the same time.

Serving the Wichita, Kansas, market, the builder creates homes tailored to individual buyers and delivers remodels and additions. Business has grown, thanks to referrals from satisfied homeowners.

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